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A complete line-up of pneumatic control systems

As a general supplier of pneumatic components, SMC provides products compatible with multiple applications and complete systems. Therefore, a broad range of pneumatic variations is offered for each system component. This complete array of products results in SMC pneumatic systems that are capable of specifically meeting infinitely diverse requirements.

Following the basic concept of developing products from the customer's standpoint, SMC dedicates a large staff and large financial resources to research and development

SMC products reflect a market trend towards greater diversification with a vast array of 12,000 basic models and over 700,000 variations. This is made possible by an integrated production system that includes casting, machining, surface treatment, coating, assembly and inspection, all performed in SMC's factories in order to supply our products with a high level of quality, reasonable pricing and shorter delivery times to our customers. Furthermore, we use a unique production control system in which instructions for all production operations are performed automatically based on information from orders received. As a result, SMC has achieved shorter lead times for its product.

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