Manual or automatic? The right booster for everyone

X-TRA POWER GmbH was founded in 2003 in Germany and started the production of a new series of professional 12V and 24V booster models. The founders had long experience in the industry, and the idea was to create a perfect new Product for the professional market. This idea proved to be successful, and the composition of the best batteries, components, fuses and charging contacts generated a product that works virtually flawlessly every day.

Our devices have received the DEKRA certificate. This makes us one of the few competitors on the market that can be proven to ensure safety through recognized external quality assessments. Both production has been thoroughly tested, as have the various initial boosters of each type. We guarantee you an accident-free handling of our devices with proper handling.

With our premium class equipment, you not only have excellent initial performance, which is unparalleled, but also paired with the highest possible safety.

The safety of our devices is ensured by:
- directional ventilation of gases through a hose system and constructive measures in the housing guarantee double safety
- Reverse polarity monitoring on semi-automatic devices that indicate reverse polarity by an LED lamp
- Reverse polarity protection on automatic devices by an electronic system, so that the device switches off automatically
- Short-circuit protection
- Switching technology controlled by 3-stage charger, without overcharging the batteries in the starting device
- electronic protection

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