n the home of Lorch welding machines people who prove to be particularly smart and show exceptional skill are referred to as "Käpsele". A Käpsele is someone who is not only able to look ahead but also remarkably apt to think outside the box. Anywhere else in the world people like that are labelled as "smart". The development of a Lorch welding machine involves quite a few Käpseles in the Swabian town of Auenwald. They all share the expertise necessary to engineer and produce unrivalled processor technology, intelligent software and top-notch components in a way that they deliver professional technology beyond compare. This technology electrifies anyone who needs to work with a welding machine that allows them to be highly productive and will earn them money in the long term. We have managed to join what belongs together: Welding solutions from Lorch for all Käpseles in this world. Or, on an even wider scale: Welding solutions for the world's smartest companies. For 60 years, we have been engineering and manufacturing premium-quality welding equipment for applications in trade and industry. And, since we not only keep up with the curve but, on occasion, also pull ahead of it, the products we manufacture today are produced in one of the most advanced production facilities for welding machines on the planet.

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